About SCS

Get World class results in a fraction of the time

The Team

Experience 15 Years of Project Management, Management Reporting/App/Tools Development and Consulting experience

*We hire only seasoned employees with years of experience for faster, higher-quality results. 

Broad Skill Set – End to end. Includes understanding business needs, helping translate those needs into relevant KPIs and solution recommendations, live training sessions, continuous improvement recommendations, analytical support, value stream mapping, and much more.

Flexibility We speak your language. Although English is our native/fluent language, we also offer single-language and multi-lingual solution assistance for those with staff who speak another language. 

*We provide coverage for all your shifts, locations, and time zones to make sure you get the support you need when you need it

The Company

Our focus to align our short and long-term goals with our clients’ short and long-term goals, so that we can serve our clients as trusted partners for years to come. We’re winning when you are constantly improving and achieving your goals and your bottom line.

Our business model enforces our mutual success—your short and long-term satisfaction directly impacts our bottom line.

Our fee structure We don’t charge for big projects up front to make you momentarily excited and then run off. You pay the monthly licensing fee and leave whenever you want, making us work hard to continuously deliver new and improved results-centered solutions and enhancements to keep you excited about being part of the Streamline Community!

Custom Services according to your Needs

Contact us for a custom service that suits your industry needs

Why Choose Us?

Grow Freely Guarantee

(Lock it in now to secure it before the offer expires May 31, 2024)
Free enhancements and new modules!
We are not a pay per piece shop! You can pivot or adjust or grow without worrying about it impacting your cost. You can add on production, maintenance, sanitation, quality, supply chain, finance, whatever you choose. . . and the monthly fee stays the same with NO upcharge or separate monthly fee!


App, Dashboard, Automation, AI all in one place.


Speed to start realizing benefits and stop missing out on cost savings months sooner


Custom dashboards, custom apps, custom automation, custom AI, custom support, ability to use your own unique data and Excel files Speed to start realizing benefits and stop missing out on cost savings months sooner


You pick, All included in our grow freely guarantee

Huge Value

Huge Value that’s ever-growing, all for the same monthly price as a full-time employee (with benefits) earning $9.60 / hour. “It’s a no-brainer!”

Win-Win Business Model

Win-Win business model ensures a risk-free installation to see the value before paying a dime!

Unmatched Support

Free included support hours package that you can use how you want and when you want and yes, they roll over. Not just your typical minor bug fixes or $200-300/hr. We offer many support service options including custom development, standard upgrades, analytics, 1-on-1 management coaching, live follow-up training, solution compliance auditing, continuous improvement recommendations and more!