Hire a Maintenance Planner

Result driven maintenance planner to reduce production costs seamlessly

Is your maintenance manager swamped? Does he spend so much time fighting fires that there is not enough time to properly manage the process and department, much less supervise the team and drive increased productivity and reliability? Are you looking for a planner to provide that much needed assistance? Would you like to get your maintenance manager immediate help while you continue your search for the right planner? Get help this week!
Optimize the maintenance crew that you already have instead of or in addition to any planner personnel needs that you may have. Often, bringing a new planner on board is not enough if the proper processes and habits are not already in place. If you need a planner, set him or her up with the right tools, training, coaching regimen, processes and methodology to be successful and help your maintenace program go to the next level.
What if there was a way to streamline your maintenance processes and increase its effectiveness, focus on the fundamentals, get new technology, get new training and coaching permanent support, get part-time staff augmentation temp or permanent support at the planner or manager level (optional) and free up time for your maintenance manager and/or planner, all at less than the cost of a single temp employee?

Why Choose Us?

Streamline Custom Solutions (SCS) offers maintenance support services as part of a comprehensive solution all for the low monthly fee of $2,000 per month (equivalent of $9.60/hr + benefits), much less than the national average of one maintenance tech and much less than the value you will receive. We will show examples of the training provided, the software and the long-term support, including the staff augmentation and/or temp services part of the solution (optional). Regarding staff augmentation and maintenance / new planner support, the following are just a few examples of how our support can save the manager time:

Our approach involes training on the fundamentals of world class maintenance management. We focus on the basics necessary to effectively manage a maintenance program. However, as anyone who has ever experienced turnover or busy managers knows, a one-and-done training approach is not enough. In addition to our live training sessions that are recorded for use any time, we also provide simplified applications and reporting to guide the implementation of what is taught, without the need for cumbersome, confusing and burdensome CMMS software. Our software gets straight to the point and allows managers to focus the high value-added management activities to properly manage equipment and resources and then get back out there and spend more time assisting with maintenance efforts and coaching the team. We don’t want maintenance managers pushing paperwork all day–they have other valuable things to do with their time. As such, we also offer planning assistance as an optional service for those wanting to lift some of the administrative burden off of the management’s shoulders to free up more of their time. Finally, all our services offer included one-on-one coaching year round so that whether freeing up time or retraining due to turnover, we’ve got your back and the productivity and effectiveness of your maintenance program can continue strong.

our services

our services

Examples of the fundamentals we help set up and reinforce include topics such as:


    Schedule loading


      Schedule attainment


        Preventative maintenance


          Work order breakdown


            Equipment downtime


              Work order process flow


                Equipment cost to repair


                  Equipment downtime


                    Maintenance tech utilization / hours tracking


                      Work order productivity


                        Proactive work identification


                          Backlog management and aging


                            Report analysis


                              Root cause analysis and continuous improvement actions


                                Parts tracking (optional)


                                  Work request process


                                    Simplified planning process

                                    What makes us unique?



                                    ✅ Fundamentals first. More can be added later only when ready or desired

                                    Long-term support

                                    Long-term support

                                    ✅ Coaching

                                    ✅ Turnover retraining and onboarding new managers

                                    ✅ Part-time, low cost, planner/manager staff augmentation to help (i.e. do the weekly planning for me to review, analyze the results and share findings & action item recommendations with the manager, audit the process, etc.)

                                    ✅ Add or customize relevant software as needed

                                    Simplified application

                                    Simplified application

                                    ✅ Automated preventative maintenance scheduling

                                    ✅ Work order tracking

                                    ✅ Tech hours tracking

                                    ✅ Simplified scheduling tools

                                    Simplified report

                                    Simplified report

                                    ✅ Interactive visuals for root cause analysis

                                    ✅ Continuous Improvement actions reporting

                                    ✅ AI smart narrative analytics

                                    ✅ Ask a question to create AI generated charts on the fly

                                    ✅ Customized and standardized reporting

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