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our services

Next-Generation Management Tools

Solutions to Optimize, Automate, and Elevate Your Enterprise

What do we do?

Interactive Reporting

✅ Click on charts to filter one another
✅ Robust slicer panel
✅ Short, Medium, Long-Term standard views
✅ Trend & root cause analysis
✅ Roll-up, drill-down and drill-through
✅ Mobile-enabled for on-the-go and on-the-floor analysis
✅ Export to Excel to access your own data whenever you want

Custom Line of Business Applications

✅ Data capture
✅ Reinforce and streamline business processes
✅ Custom tools
✅ Provide, support and audit management behaviors, best practices, sustainability and continuous improvement efforts

Automation & AI

✅ Get AI-generated charts when you ask questions!
✅ Smart Narrative AI-generated page summaries
✅ Automated reporting & emails
✅ Alerts
✅ Automated data flows
✅ ChatGPT capabilities

Support Services

✅ Ongoing development
✅ Coaching
✅ Analysis
✅ Audits
✅ and much more!
*Free with monthly maintenance and licensing fee.

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Scope Examples


✅ Units produced
✅ Downtime
✅ Changeovers
✅ Productivity
✅ Scrap
✅ Schedule attainment
✅ Labor metrics
✅ Custom KPIs etc.

Supply Chain

✅ Inventory optimization metrics
✅ Forecast accuracy and progression analysis
✅ Warehouse metrics
✅ Transportation metrics
✅ What-if analysis
✅ Custom KPIs, etc.

Customer service

✅ Audits
✅ Holds
✅ Service level compliance
✅ Complaints
✅ Custom KPIs, etc.


✅ Action items
✅ Audits


✅ Cost per unit metrics
✅ Overall by department or category
✅ Monthly/quarterly/yearly trend analysis
✅ Cost of inventory
✅ Custom KPIs, etc.
—the possibilities are endless and we have experiencing quickly developing 100s of KPIs)


✅ Mean time between failure
✅ mean time to repair
✅ labor productivity tracking
✅ employee scorecards
✅ preventative maintenance plan tracking
✅ planning metrics
✅ cost to repair
✅ backlog
✅ Improvement trend analysis, etc.
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Implementation Approach

Typical Results

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